Byrne Creek Community School

Address:7777 18th Street
Burnaby, BC V3N 5E5
Principal:David Starr
Vice Principals:Nick Christofides
Anita Sortome
SecretarySandra Lovett
Trustee:Baljinder Narang
Semester:Sept-Jan; Feb-Jun
Grades:8 – 12
Enrolment:1,022 (2015)

Byrne Creek Secondary is a semestered school.

Byrne Creek Secondary School is committed to ensuring that all students achieve their physical, emotional and intellectual potential. We support students to develop lifelong learning skills, to celebrate diversity, and to become socially responsible citizens.


BC Graduation Program, Honours Program, Advanced Placement Program, English as a Second Language (ESL).


Animation, Business Education, Career Preparation, English, Graphics, Home Economics, Languages, Leadership, Mathematics, Media, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Technology Education, Visual and Performing Arts (dance, music and visual arts)


Byrne Creek offers a range of extra curricular activities including badminton, basketball, chess, dance, golf, music (band and choir), skiing, snowboarding, soccer, theatre and volleyball, as well as Student Government and student leadership opportunities.


Art studios, cafeteria, Centre for Dialogue, computer labs, dance studio, gymnasiums (2), industrial technology labs, library, media arts and graphic art labs, music rooms, science labs and weight room