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Burnaby Schools Earn High Scores in Math

Moscrop math mavens are number one in the province in Grade 9, 10 and 11 contests put out by the University of Waterloo. Nationally, Moscrop Secondary ranks third, fourth, and second consecutively.

Here’s a breakdown of the results in all three contests:
TEAM RESULTS ~ Fryer Contest (Grade 9)
First Place: Moscrop Secondary
13th Place: Burnaby South Secondary
20th Place: Alpha Secondary
Moscrop’s Muyan Li and Jacob Magbag earned perfect scores. High scores went to Moscrop’s Chi Sheng Chang, Nicholas Wu, Samuel Zheng, Andrew Cai, Zhixuan Deng, and Jiayu Li; Andrew Chen, and Angelina Lee from Burnaby South; and Michelle Zhou from Burnaby Mountain.

TEAM RESULTS ~ Galois Contest (Grade 10)
First Place: Moscrop Secondary
4th Place: Burnaby South Secondary
High scores went to Moscrop’s Evelyn Young, Milica Maksimovic, Anna Rojrattanachai, Jessie Sheng, Jason Cao, Emma Zehui Gong, Tania Pocrnjic, and Winnie Wu; Felix Ye, Jamie Ma, Jordon Chong, Jacob Martinez from Burnaby South; Harry Jiang from Alpha; and Rian Popat from Burnaby Mountain.

TEAM RESULTS ~ Hypatia Contest (Grade 11)
First Place: Moscrop Secondary
7th Place: Burnaby South Secondary
High scores went to Moscrop’s ANGEL Liu, Zi Jia Liu, Zimeng Wang, Yi Fan Liu, Kent Chen, Kailin Wi, Simon Huang, Jasmine Jy Li, and Minhao Zhang; Boya Yang from Burnaby South; Eric Zhou and Qi Jia Sun from Burnaby Mountain; Sammy Lin and Jiayi Wang from Burnaby Central; Chandler Ma and Nattaphot Vittangkrun from Moscrop; and Giuliana Kim from Alpha.

Grade 11 Burnaby Mountain student Eric Zhou was an outstanding achiever in the University of Waterloo’s Fermat Contest. He is one of eighty students invited to attend the Lloyd Auckland Invitational Mathematics Workshop from May 26 to June 1 hosted by the University of Waterloo.

Burnaby South math whiz Boya Yang took first place in the country in the Canadian National Mathematics League, a contest put on every year by the University of Windsor’s Mathematics Department. Boya earned a perfect score and is reportedly the first student in BC to do so. Overall school scores earned Moscrop second place in Canada, and Burnaby South came in twelfth. The contest for Grades 8-12 runs over six months with a math test written once a month.

Burnaby Schools sent their finest to the BC Secondary School Math Contest held in May at local post secondary institutions. Here are the results:
First Place
Boya Yang, Burnaby South
Felicity Xu, Burnaby South
Eric Zhou, Burnaby Mountain

Jack Liu, Moscrop
First Place 
Rian Popat, Burnaby Mountain
Anna Rojrattanachai, Moscrop
Second Place
Harry Jiang, Alpha
Third Place
Anna Li, Moscrop

Mathletes from Burnaby Mountain, Moscrop, Burnaby South, and Burnaby Central competed at the Provincial Math Challengers Competition held recently at UBC. All of the top math schools from around the province were there. Moscrop’s Grade 9 team came in second place, while the Grade 10 team ranked fourth in the competition. Burnaby South’s Grade 10 team placed seventh.

The top ten individual students from each grade were announced and invited to compete in a face off round. Grade 9 Burnaby Mountain student Rian Popat took first place in this portion of the competition. The results put these Burnaby Schools students in the premier spots. They are considered the very top math students in BC:

  • 1st place – Grade 9 – Rian Popat, Burnaby Mountain
  • 4th place – Grade 9 – Anna Li, Moscrop
  • 5th place – Grade 10 – Anna Rojrattanachai, Moscrop
  • 5th place – Grade 9 – Bradley Louie, Burnaby Central
  • 8th place – Grade 8 – Samuel Zheng, Moscrop
  • 9th place – Grade 9 – Felix We, Burnaby South
  • 11th place – Grade 10 – Winnie Wu, Moscrop
  • 11th place – Grade 9 – Andy Chang, Moscrop

Hundreds of Burnaby Schools students enter math contests throughout the school year. Students who excel in math are encouraged to participate. Testing a student’s ability can have additional worthwhile outcomes, beyond the experience of the challenge, itself. Universities, colleges, and employers tell us they’re looking for a new type of graduate—one with strong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Math supports those skills, and math contests showcase the results.