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Students Celebrated for Efforts to Support the Environment

In Burnaby Schools, we care about our district’s environmental impact and so do our students. A number of them have been recognized for their efforts.

Return-It Award: Aubrey’s Green Team
A creative group of Grade 5 and 6 students at Aubrey put on capes and masks to help educate their peers about recycling. The school was awarded a $2,500 cash prize from Return-It for their waste-battling efforts. After producing an informative video, the 28-member Green Team was able to collect and divert nearly 1,700 containers from the landfill. Learn more and check out their short video.

Students Receive Awards from City
The City of Burnaby honoured our students and staff with two Environmental Awards for the 2018-19 school year. The recipients were University Highlands and the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network (BYSN).

University Highlands Green Team
The first City of Burnaby Environmental Award went to University Highlands. Staff there formed a “Green Team” with students two years ago and began promoting “litter-less” lunches. Green Team students continue to lead the way with presentations to peers in every classroom on their latest initiative: recycling markers, plastic bags and batteries.

Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network
The Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network, or BYSN, won the second award from the City. BYSN is a student-led group. All year, the network of high school students hosted monthly workshops exploring environmental issues. They researched the impact of palm oil, and its prevalence in products and food production. They also planned and organized the bi-annual “Do It Green” Conference. More than 200 Burnaby high school students attended.

Sanctioned Student Protest
In addition to those honoured with awards, many others have been active champions of the environment. With permission from the City, high school students gathered at City Hall with a megaphone, signage, and a petition calling for urgent action to combat climate change.





Posted June 2019