Effective immediately we have been advised to ask all new arrivals to Canada who are planning to register their children in Burnaby Schools, to self-isolate for 14 days (upon arrival in Canada), prior to registration.

Welcome to Canada and to Burnaby School District

If you are new to Canada and have an Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada Work Permit or Study Permit (formerly called Citizenship & Immigration Canada Study Permit or Work Permit), OR you are a Citizenship & Immigration Refugee Protection Claimant, you may be eligible to register your child/children as a non-fee paying international student(s) in a Burnaby public school.

The first step to confirming this eligibility is to book an appointment.
However before you book:

1) please be sure that you have ALL required documents (click on the applicable link below)
2) the eligible parent and child/children must presently reside in Burnaby
3) all documents are to be presented, in person, for approval by the person who has the valid Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada permit.

What is your status? Click on a link below.