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Planning for September

The Government of BC has released its province-wide plan to bring K-12 students back to class full time in September. For specific details:

Read the August 12 Press Release from the Ministry of Education

Read the July 29 Press Release from the Ministry of Education

See the BC Government Return to School Website with Information on the K-12 Education Restart Plan

The provincial government has been working closely with a Ministry of Education steering committee to develop a plan that ensures students can return to the classroom safely. The government has indicated that the committee will continue to meet throughout the summer with a view to taking a collaborative approach and providing solutions for any challenges that arise before school begins.

The Burnaby School District has been preparing and planning for multiple options and is taking the specific information and guidance provided by the province and building a robust plan for September. We will share details with families by August 26.

As we plan, the insight shared by Burnaby School District parents, students and staff in the survey sent in June is greatly assisting us in our preparations for the next school year. More than 4500 people shared their thoughts via Thoughtexchange, an online platform, after being asked: what are the important things we should consider about student learning as we develop our plans for the 2020-21 school year.

Read the August 13 Update to Families, Students and Staff from the Burnaby School District Superintendent

Read the July 30 Update to Families from the Burnaby School District Superintendent

Read the June 25 Joint Letter from the Burnaby Board of Education and Superintendent to Parents, Students and Families


Updated August 13, 2020