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Being Prepared: School Safety During Critical Incidents

While the likelihood of threatening situations in our schools is extremely low, having a plan and knowing what to do in an emergency helps to protect students and staff during a critical incident. An information session for families from across the District is being held on May 8 and registration to attend is open.

A real emergency is intensely stressful for everyone involved. Taking the time outside of a crisis to understand what people can do to help keep everyone safe is a crucial component.

Parent Information Session

Parents and guardians in the Burnaby School District are invited to join us for Being Prepared: School Safety During Critical Incidents to learn about:

  • what would initiate a lockdown, hold and secure, shelter in place or evacuation in a school
  • what communication looks like during an emergency
  • how use of social media and cell phones during a critical incident can impact safety
  • how district-level and school leadership work together with local law enforcement to protect students and staff
  • how we train for multiple scenarios and prepare for emergencies
Register to Attend

Presented by the District’s Safe and Caring Schools Team, the information session will be held on May 8 from 6:30 – 8pm. A message regarding the event moving from in-person to online was emailed to parents and guardians on May 1, 2023. In an effort to accommodate all interested families, the session will now be held via Zoom with no change to the date and time.


Updated May 1, 2023