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Back to School: Rainbows, Sleep and a New Strategic Plan

Burnaby Schools are now in session for the 2019-20 school year. Throughout the Burnaby School District, staff have been busy preparing to welcome students back after summer break.

If you’re planning ahead, see the district calendar for important dates, breaks, and professional development days (Pro-D days). Please note, schools are not in session on Pro-D days.

Rainbow Crosswalks

Our facilities department has been working hard throughout the summer to get our buildings and grounds ready for September. This includes installing two new rainbow crosswalks to greet students upon their return at Cariboo and Burnaby Central secondary schools.

  • Rainbow crosswalks serve as powerful symbols of our commitment to celebrating diversity. Learn more.

Sleep for Students

As families throughout Burnaby adopt their back-to-school schedules, getting children into a healthy sleep routine is important. The District’s Managing Director of Safe and Caring Schools, Sue Dorey, was interviewed at the end of August about this.

Dorey told CBC Radio listeners on the province-wide show BC Today about how Burnaby Schools are supporting students with mental health, of which sleep hygiene is integral.

“When we asked our students ‘what do you want to learn around well-being?’ sleep was second on the list… Students have been quite proactive in saying give us some resources. Let’s have this conversation.”

As Dorey explained, knowledge of sleep hygiene is one element that helps students make health and well-being a priority, which is connected to gaining academic success.

The Board’s New Strategic Plan

Increasing understanding and support of mental health and well-being is one of the many priority goals in the Burnaby Board of Education’s upcoming Strategic Plan, which sets the direction of the District for the next five years. The Board began working on the plan – which articulates the vision, values, strategic priorities, and goals for the District – shortly after their election last fall. Trustees are putting the final touches on the new plan and anticipate sharing it widely in September.

Brand new rainbow crosswalks at secondary schools Cariboo Hill and Burnaby Central

“Painter” image (top) from the new student-created mural at Confederation Park Elementary

Posted August 2019