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Achieving in a Pandemic: Board Strives to Move Collective Work Forward

While it may seem ambitious to focus on anything in this moment other than minimizing the impact of COVID-19, the last school year shines a light on the interconnectedness of the work and the importance of maintaining our strategic direction.

At the first public Board Meeting for this school year, Chair Gary Wong told attendees that Trustees will continue to carry out their mandate – all while the District manages student learning during a pandemic.


There is much to be done and much to look forward to in the coming year. The start of this school year has shown us that what is demanding can also be inspiring.”

The District’s work continues to be guided by the Board’s Strategic Plan. During the last school year, the remaining months were dominated by COVID-19. Even with all of the new challenges, much was achieved during the pandemic. See How We’re Doing, Strategic Plan 2019-20 Highlights and Accomplishments, which features some of the successes and illustrates how, despite COVID-19, the priorities remain. Click on the graphic below to see the full-size report.

None of the accomplishments could have happened without the leadership, hard work, and commitment of so many. On behalf of Trustees, Chair Wong shared their ongoing gratitude.

“We applaud how teachers, school and District staff are keeping students connected and learning, while ensuring the focus remains on our highest priority: health and safety. We thank families and students for being mindful of the important role we each play in keeping our school communities healthy and safe.”

Chair Wong also underscored one of the major ongoing objectives for Trustees and the District.

“We know this will be a demanding year as we strive to move our collective work forward in a meaningful way, including the important work of developing an actionable anti-racism strategy that takes into account the voices of black people, Indigenous people and people of colour, in particular, in our school communities.”

While COVID-19 has changed much, Chair Wong shared this observation:

“It is energizing to know that while the situation remains fluid, much also remains unchanged: students will continue to learn and grow, children will continue to laugh and play, and our community will continue to face each new day as we always have, together.”

Learn more here about the Strategic Plan that guides the work of the Burnaby School District.


Posted September 2020