Learning Support Services

The Burnaby School District’s Learning Support Services team works collaboratively with schools and parents to create supportive, inclusive, and caring communities where all children, specifically those children who have exceptional learning needs, can reach their full potential.

Learning Support Services is a complex and diverse department focussed on teacher and student learning. Working collaboratively with school staffs, parents, and the broader community Learning Support Services staff provide support and service to schools with programs from kindergarten to grade 12. This support includes both direct and indirect support to staff and students, professional development, and resources.

We believe in:

  • valuing the uniqueness of each child: their strengths and contributions;
  • creating partnerships with the home and community to support the education of each child;
  • supporting diversity as a natural and inherent condition of the school environment;
  • striving to create an effective, inclusive learning environment for each child;
  • providing access to appropriate educational environments that meet the individual needs of each child and;
  • having high expectations and monitoring results for each child.

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Advanced Learner District Resource Teachers
Deaf and Hard of Hearing District Resource Teachers
District Counsellors (K-12)
Learning Support Programs District Resource Teachers
School Psychologists
Speech-Language Pathologists
Out of School Support Teachers
Vision Impaired District Resource Teachers